Humor and creativity go hand in hand

Life can become so serious once you get to be an adult so I, especially, love humor and love to laugh most of all.  There is something about a good earnest deep belly laugh that gets the blood and senses revitalized.  If more people laugh things off, especially at themselves, life would be a much more enjoyable wonderland.  The best way to do this is to intentionally get yourself around people that love life, love to laugh and love to have a good time. And you don’t even have to always have alcohol to do this. But once you do this and not take yourself so seriously, your world will change tremendously and you will see life from a whole other perspective. I promise. “A smile is a frown turned upside down.


Other favorite things to pursue………

So, lets see some other types of creative pursuits will be glass vase decorating, tie dying, box tape photo transferring and photo transferring with acrylic gel mediums.  I also enjoy watching artists work on their steampunk art and I have really become addicted to Finnabair artwork. I am trying my hand at drawing and sketching; somehow I missed this pursuit during my middle and highschool years and there are other artistic and musical interests that I have dibbled and dabbled in such as piano and learning to read music.  So I’m telling you life can be wonderful amidst all the negative goings on and I’m telling you, I am “rearin to go.”  So come or you will get left behind.