Random blogging: Henna Hair

So I have been long overdue to rid of my pesky gray hairs that have been coming in.  So I decided to use Henna and Indigo from http://www.mehandi.com. I let the henna set for about 12 hours for the dye to release from the henna leaves.  Then added the indigo and voila I have a medium brunette/brown tent to my hair. It is a very busy process, so it is best to do when you have nothing else on your agenda.

Henna is good for your hair because of its natural herbal leaf properties.  It is organic and helps to coat and protect your natural hair follicles.  It also gets into the pores of the roots of your hair, so it is healthy and natural.  The mix of the indigo and henna is very goopy and a muddy texture, so you feel like you are putting mud on your head, but once the process is done, your hair will feel so refreshed and you will feel good that you have not used harsh chemicals on your hair and scalp.  I would recommend henna to anyone needing to color their hair.  The color treatments vary depending on your hair color.  Dark black or brown hair may not see much of a change of color. It does cover your grays though.  Overall I love the outcome of the henna process and will henna again in about a year. I plan next to color a very light color to my hair in the next three months. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


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