Being Still is one of my favorite things to do

Yesterday was an awesome day.  I did absolutely nothing in particular.  For the first time I cooked a Cornish hen that was seasoned to perfection.  Then I had a taste for some type of cornbread dressing, but opted instead for baked potato.  Then I decided to make gravy out of the meat drippings with flour and it turned out quite scrumptious.  Then I sat down and enjoyed my early dinner to fulfillment.  Later I sat on the deck and watched the birds come to gather the bread I had thrown out for their little baby chicks.  Watched the breeze of the leaves of the trees and it was a beautiful day.

Though I love traveling and seeing new sights, sometimes just enjoying being at home can be quite invigorating.  And having a day when you do nothing can be even more wonderful.  Take time out to enjoy the fresh breeze, the green leaves on the trees, the incoming newness of spring in the air, the birds in the air, and the option to do nothing.  Life can be so hurried and complex and sometimes being still to enjoy what God has created naturally can breathe newness into the soul, rest for the body, and creative juices to the brain.  It can bring new ideas, thoughts, and a new consciousness.  Then you can see the brighter side of life and all it has to offer.


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