Music, Art, and Warm Baths

This world is moving so fast paced and with the internet and social media, it is nice to break away and just enjoy the simple things like music, art, and my most favorite… warm baths. I love music from every genre.  From folk music, classical, country, however, my favorite is melodic uptempo music as with some r&b, jazz, and even some rap collaborations.  I love to dance, especially two-step and this type of music allows me to whisk my dreams and imagination away to a world of dance and music.  Some of my favorite r&b artists of the past are Amy Winehouse, JonB, Usher people like that.  Of course I can’t forget my ol’ skool music of moments past.

Next I love art, always have and always will.  When I get my camera fixed, I will post some of my recent creations I promise.  But art with all the various types from upcycling to mixed media, to abstract.  Art is visualized in many different ways by many different points of view.  Right now, I am attracted to vibrant and colorful works of art where colors are mixed then diluted, dried, then other art abstracts are then added which brings about a 2D or 3D illusionary affect which also brings wonderment to where you eyes travel with the piece.  Something like a “Where’s Waldo” thinking or “I Spy with my little eye” type of mind action.  Finnabair is one of these types of mindsets where the eye travels and looks to see what else is hidden in the media.  It reminds me of advertisements that get into the psyche of one’s subconscious or hidden messages.  Of course most art is not to get into one’s subconscious, but I like both the appeal to the eye and figuring out where an artist is going with their art and what the artist is trying to display.  Okay, I’m weird and taking the joy out of art, but I am a thinking person; however, I do enjoy the aesthetic eye appeal of art the most.

Lastly, I love, love, love to take warm baths.  Especially after a very hot and muggy day or just to relax the muscles in the body and take your mind to a different place in paradise like being on a beach, in a park, a garden, or any place of beauty. I love getting my favorite scented bath soaps and scents and lavishing in the bubbly suds and listening to the bursting of the sudsy bubbles.  The scented aroma of the bubbly soaps to ease the senses and relax the nerves.  It is also nice to add a little extra hot water to help get toxins of the day out of your system and boy do you feel refreshed and ready to start a new day again.  It’s amazing what a  warm bath can accomplish.

So to end May I will wash away the month and begin June with a  new refreshed outlook and restart.  It’s all about taking things a day at a time.


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