Thoughts for June: PURPOSE: Food for Thought

Some thoughts that I just would like to kick around.  Just think if every person was able to live their true purpose or calling.  Let’s define purpose:  It is the reason that something is created or done or the reason something exists (Oxford Dictionary).

I was recently on a photographer’s blog who travels around the world to take photos and she ended up in China and she took a lot of photos of many people young, middle age and older Chinese citizens of various cities including Shanghai.  And as I looked through her photos and comments, she said something very enlightening.  “What if you could make a living doing the things you really enjoy instead of having to work at a job where you are constantly watching the clock to go home.”   She then realized how grateful she was that she could travel and take photos which is what she really enjoys doing most.

I remember in college thinking this same thought while working jobs that I could not wait to clock out of.  I thought one day “what if”……..and I would daydream of other things I would rather be doing.  Oh how I remember those days so well.

This particular photographer took a pic of an elderly woman who was smoking a pipe and she stated that the elderly woman stated that that(cigar) is what they give them for living to their ripe old ages.  And I’m thinking really a cigar, really….  I hope that’s not all she’s received for all her hard work and contributions to their society.

But, anyway, back to the subject of purpose.  Though there are many who have successfully found their lot in life, however, much more are living under their destined purposes.  I have read Rick Warren’s :Purpose Driven Life.  He has workbooks and worksheets to help in assisting people to finding their true calling in life.

Just think of the many people who begrudgingly go to their jobs just to make a paycheck just to pay bills and/or take care of family.  Are these people really happy and better yet….Is this their true calling.  Is there something else pulling at their heartstrings, a hobby, a special interest, a bigger talent.  Purpose is also honing in on special skills and talents and mastering these skills and only that individual knows what that gift is though others may notice it also; say a family member, friend, or teacher.

The most important thing about purpose is that it is not for yourself.  Your purpose really is to help others in this generation.  A quote from Rick Warren ” The only really happy people are those who learned how to serve others.”  Purpose is not restricted to just men, but women also have purpose.

With purpose life has more meaning when you begin to ask yourself, “Why am I here?”.  Purpose is for every human being whether they have one parent, two parents, adopted, or even thrown on the street. Purpose is for both rich and poor; it is for the bruised and the battered; the oppressed and repressed.  The world would be a much better place if everyone were able to realize their purpose.  The next time you see a talented individual whether young, middle aged, or elderly let them know that you see their gift and their talent and encourage them to pursue their gift no matter what it is.

More on this topic later.


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