Ways to a Flatter Tummy2- Bedroom Exercises (Use a bed or floor mat)

1. Stretch first by bending your knees to the right then to the left touching the surface on each side holding for 10 seconds.

2.  Lay flat on your bed or a mat and breath in and hold, then lift your legs in the air for 60 seconds or as long as you can then release.  You will feel the tension in your stomach muscles and in your lower back muscles.  If too much pain stop and rest.

3. The Scissors:  Lay flat or prop your head with a pillow, hands to your sides, lift your legs straight out moving them in opposite directions up and down for 60 seconds/counts.

4. Leg bends:  Lay flat, stretch your legs outwards, then bending them back towards you one at a time pushing your feet outwards 25 times. Stop if feel tension and rest.

5. Lay flat on your bed or mat, hold your legs outward about 30 degrees up from the bed or floor and hold for 60 secs or until feel pain then relax. Try again once more.

6.  Lay flat, stretch arms behind your head holding your hands one under the other, then bring up your arms and legs to 30 degrees then lower.  Do this 10-15 times.  Stop if feel tension and rest.

7. When finish with exercises, just breath deeply five times, then stretch to help cool down your muscles as in step #1.

Make adjustments as you see fit.  These exercises will help in building your stomach muscles and building muscle memory.  Limit these exercises to every other day, then take a two day rest for muscles to recover. **Any movement is better than no movement. It is better to exercise before you eat, your body will focus on your muscles, than burning your calories from food and believe it or not you actually have more energy. You may even want to write down the days you exercise to keep track whether its muscle toning, walking, running etc…  Consult your physician before starting any new exercise regimen.


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