Plant Life on Earth

So I have made myself a special spot in my home for relaxation and it includes my plants, aromatherapy oil scents and pillows. In the mornings I add a nice cup of coffee.   So here are a few of my leafy friends that I spend time with:

ponytail Palm1.png

This is my ponytail Palm plant (Beaucarnea Recurvata)  that I truly love and adore.  It reminds me of someone with a long flowing stringy ponytail. It has multiple bulbs  in it and is definitely ready for a transplant or propagation.


Spider Plant2d.pngThis here is my reverse variegated Spider Plant.  I have had to save it a couple of times.  The leaves were turning yellow at the ends, but new leaves were still developing.  So after doing a little research,  found out that spider plants do not like the chlorine and fluoride in the tap water, so I am now using distilled or purified water for most of my plants now, also bromeliads do not like tap water either.   I had to take it out of the pot, take out some of the old dirt and replace with fresh dirt and rinse as much of the salts off of the plant that I could.  Changing the water just made all of the difference for this  plant.  No more yellow leaves.  Yeah!!!


kangaroo paw fern plant1.pngNow this plant is a newly discovered plant for me called the Kangaroo Paw Fern (Microsorium Diversifolium) from New Zealand.  It has since been chopped, but this is the original pic from when I first purchased it.  I love its fullness, strength and beauty.  Its leaves look just like kangaroo paws.


Palm Plant1.png

And this one is my Palm Plant.  It is fairly small, but growing.  It is an easy plant to take care of.  I also started giving it distilled and purified water.  The ends of the leaf tips were turning brown though it had good drainage.  I will post some more of my leafy friends for later posts.

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