Hello World

Hey fellow bloggers and net surfers!  Its time to have some fun and explore the many wonders hidden inside the world of internet.  I have found  a new love for mixed media art, photo transferring, collage art and abstract drawing and painting.   Most of this is brand new to me and so I am still learning.  But life is about learning and sharing right.  There are so many talented individuals with great artistic abilities and creativity.  It is so awesome.

I also knit and crochet and have a lot of interest in creating that is bottled up in me.  But guess what?….so do you.  I have also taught myself piano and I am learning Spanish.  My life has taken an unexpected turn and so I am grasping all these unexpected wonders that have been waiting for me to grab and take hold of.  So come on with me on this journey and let’s have fun, let’s explore together, or you can just surf and enjoy others creativity.  So I’ll be seeing you down the road and into the world of exploratory creativity.

I also plan to share some health tips on healthy products, herbal and organic foods and products, exercises for adults and seniors, beauty tips etc…….So stay tuned.

I’m also new at blogging so any advice for working with word press is much appreciated.


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