These are my little American Sparrows.

Was not able to get the exact momma and baby birds, but they look similar to these.

IMG_0508 IMG_0512



Today and this weekendI saw something awesome!  A mother bird first of all feeding her baby bird bread I had thrown out.  I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but to me it was.  I guess I felt that I was contributing to the circle of nature.  But, today what was most spectacular was that the baby bird actually followed the mother bird out and momma was showing it how to get its own food.  It was sooooo cute!!.  After they got their food, momma bird flew back to the nearby bush, then little baby bird kinda fluttered and sputtered its little wings and flew back to the bush also.  Too Awesome!  I was not able to get a video of the birds in action, but I will try to post some old pics of what the birds look like.

Being Still is one of my favorite things to do

Yesterday was an awesome day.  I did absolutely nothing in particular.  For the first time I cooked a Cornish hen that was seasoned to perfection.  Then I had a taste for some type of cornbread dressing, but opted instead for baked potato.  Then I decided to make gravy out of the meat drippings with flour and it turned out quite scrumptious.  Then I sat down and enjoyed my early dinner to fulfillment.  Later I sat on the deck and watched the birds come to gather the bread I had thrown out for their little baby chicks.  Watched the breeze of the leaves of the trees and it was a beautiful day.

Though I love traveling and seeing new sights, sometimes just enjoying being at home can be quite invigorating.  And having a day when you do nothing can be even more wonderful.  Take time out to enjoy the fresh breeze, the green leaves on the trees, the incoming newness of spring in the air, the birds in the air, and the option to do nothing.  Life can be so hurried and complex and sometimes being still to enjoy what God has created naturally can breathe newness into the soul, rest for the body, and creative juices to the brain.  It can bring new ideas, thoughts, and a new consciousness.  Then you can see the brighter side of life and all it has to offer.

Random blogging: Henna Hair

So I have been long overdue to rid of my pesky gray hairs that have been coming in.  So I decided to use Henna and Indigo from I let the henna set for about 12 hours for the dye to release from the henna leaves.  Then added the indigo and voila I have a medium brunette/brown tent to my hair. It is a very busy process, so it is best to do when you have nothing else on your agenda.

Henna is good for your hair because of its natural herbal leaf properties.  It is organic and helps to coat and protect your natural hair follicles.  It also gets into the pores of the roots of your hair, so it is healthy and natural.  The mix of the indigo and henna is very goopy and a muddy texture, so you feel like you are putting mud on your head, but once the process is done, your hair will feel so refreshed and you will feel good that you have not used harsh chemicals on your hair and scalp.  I would recommend henna to anyone needing to color their hair.  The color treatments vary depending on your hair color.  Dark black or brown hair may not see much of a change of color. It does cover your grays though.  Overall I love the outcome of the henna process and will henna again in about a year. I plan next to color a very light color to my hair in the next three months. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Stay tuned….Craft Projects and Images coming soon.

I’m going to start doing a Craft-a-Week, then as time allows would love to do a Craft-a-Day projects.  Then I will post them so you can see my progress.  Right now I am working on “Things around the House”.  My first project is a Pringles Can.  I have three that I plan on decorating.  So stay tuned..I will be back to post my creations.  Thanks for your patience.

New Beauty Find: Studio 35 Beauty Hair Remover Face Cream

So I found an awesome facial hair remover product that I love.  It’s by Studio 35 Beauty.  It is a hair remover face cream. This stuff is awesome.  I use hair remover for my eyebrows since I don’t use tweezers and I use it for shaving my legs.  I have been using Nair which is also an awesome product, but if you leave it on too long (over 3 minutes), it will burn you and turn your skin red.  Nair does have an aloe vera alternative also which smells good, but you still can’t leave on longer than 3 minutes.  Well I just decided to try Studio 35 Beauty Hair Remover Face Cream, I applied to my eyebrow area carefully and left on for exactly five minutes.  Then wiped off with warm water, then cold water to cool the applied area like I did with Nair Hair Remover and it worked splendidly.  No redness after-affect and no burning, but most importantly, it took just the right amount of brow hair and my brows looks smooth and practically perfect as if I used tweezers or brow threading.  I am such a happy Studio 35 beauty customer.  I paid $4.29 for the product at my local Walgreens for a 2 oz. bottle, though If you catch Nair Hair Remover on sale at Walgreens, you can get it for $4.99 or five and some change for a 9 oz. bottle which is actually good, otherwise the Nair Hair Remover is $8.99.  Target also has good prices for its beauty products which are usually slightly lower for some products, but not for all.

However, the main point is that the Studio 35 Beauty Hair Remover and Face Cream is a superb product that I highly recommend.  Just test it on your skin if you have a tendency to be allergic and get rashes easily.  Other than that, it’s a winner for me!  See image below.  Not a paid advertisement.

Studio 35 Beauty Hair Remover Face Cream

Humor and creativity go hand in hand

Life can become so serious once you get to be an adult so I, especially, love humor and love to laugh most of all.  There is something about a good earnest deep belly laugh that gets the blood and senses revitalized.  If more people laugh things off, especially at themselves, life would be a much more enjoyable wonderland.  The best way to do this is to intentionally get yourself around people that love life, love to laugh and love to have a good time. And you don’t even have to always have alcohol to do this. But once you do this and not take yourself so seriously, your world will change tremendously and you will see life from a whole other perspective. I promise. “A smile is a frown turned upside down.

Other favorite things to pursue………

So, lets see some other types of creative pursuits will be glass vase decorating, tie dying, box tape photo transferring and photo transferring with acrylic gel mediums.  I also enjoy watching artists work on their steampunk art and I have really become addicted to Finnabair artwork. I am trying my hand at drawing and sketching; somehow I missed this pursuit during my middle and highschool years and there are other artistic and musical interests that I have dibbled and dabbled in such as piano and learning to read music.  So I’m telling you life can be wonderful amidst all the negative goings on and I’m telling you, I am “rearin to go.”  So come or you will get left behind.